Significant Accomplishments

Member of founding team for FAA helicopter-only Safety Inspector Program (Harmon)

Co-founded the leading high altitude flight training center in the United States (Harmon)

Designed degree program at Metropolitan State University for EMS Minors specific to Aviation (Harmon)

Advanced trainer at the FP&L Training and Method Center (Temple)

Started the apprenticeship program at a major US helicopter service provider and was recognized by the Dept. Of Labor as a new industry standard (Temple)

Co-authored a major US helicopter service providers Human External Cargo procedures for their FAA Part 133 manuals (Temple)

Co-authored Northwest Helicopters Human External Cargo procedures for their FAA Part 133 manuals (Temple)

Co-developed a major US helicopter service providers approved dual hook system and STC approval from the FAA (Temple)

Successful completion of Project Management Certification from Caltech – Technology & Management Education March 2011 (Mereno)

Successful completion of Six Sigma White Belt Body of Knowledge Certification through USC Virterbi School of Engineering February 2012 (Mereno)

Successful completion of Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge Certification through USC Virterbi School of Engineering April 2012 (Mereno)

United States Marine Corps. August 1992 – September 1998 active reserve (Mereno)

Stewardship for IBEW 47 (Mereno)


  • Project Management in the Transmission Project Delivery organization within Southern California Edison (SCE)’s Transmission & Distribution Business Unit (TDBU). 
  • Managed the construction of multi-million dollar Transmission capital projects installed by contractors.
  • Managed contract construction and material expediting teams.
  • Lead in developing the initiation phase of construction projects.
  • Establish scheduling/procurement processes, contractor qualifications, and interface with Engineering & Technical Services, Project Management Organization (PMO), Transmission Engineering and Environmental Health & Safety in support of these projects.
  • A liaison with other utilities (i.e. LADWP, PG&E,FP&L) when Bulk Power crossings are part of the project.
  • Instrumental in the development of construction specifications for Requests for Proposals (RFPs), technically evaluate line construction bid proposals and recommend awards.
  • Provides independent oversight of construction inspection when utilizing owner agents, and managed the QA/QC program.
  • Coordinate transmission system line outages, and assist in work order closure and collaborate with Transmission Project Delivery Licensing and Execution groups to develop Construction Execution plans for the 131D process. In addition,
  • Provides Operational Support to Organizations
  • Demonstrated strong oral and communication skills
  • Demonstrated safety and follow all safe work practices and protocols
  • On call for emergency support
  • Maintain knowledge in current technology and innovation
  • Qualified in climbing wood poles and steel structures.
  • Operate heavy equipment.
  • Qualified to work in transmission and distribution substations and facilities.
  • 500kV to 66kv hot washing
  • Qualified to work in electrical vaults.
  • Experience in underground 66kV splicing (1750-3000 kcmil)
  • Trained in splicing fiber optic, copper cable, and operating an OTDR
  • Experienced in outside plant telecommunications construction. (Overhead & Underground)
  • Maintenance and construction in microwave and cellular antenna sites.
  • Experience in construction management, with combination of education, training and experience.
  • Experience/knowledge in transmission work methods, equipment, tools, materials, and vehicles.
  • Demonstrated experience with rules, regulations and regulatory requirements governing transmission line construction, maintenance and operations (such as G.O. 95, 128, 165C, 131D, Rule 20B & Rule 20C).
  • Experience/knowledge in transmission power systems and operations, transmission design/planning policies and procedures, and construction/maintenance/operations methods and understanding of safe work practices.
  • Knowledge of construction management and project management principles.
  • Experience using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.
  • Ability to integrate work across relevant areas, develop the business and services to enhance customer satisfaction and productivity, manage risks and safety appropriately, develop and execute business plans, manage information, and provide exceptional service to internal and external customers.
  • Experience in effective resource and project planning, decision making, results delivery, team building, and the ability to stay current with relevant technology and innovation.