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Wake Aviation is dedicated and focused on delivering superior outcomes to our clients in the highly specialized field of aerial powerline operations. This is accomplished through keen attention to detail concerning each of our client’s unique needs while maintaining superior customer relationships. Wake Aviation has a distinguished history of both quality and performance. We guarantee top tier services and timely results for all of our clients in a world where results matter.


Wake Aviation is a globally full-service aerial solutions and program management company focused on the development and operational management of aerial based power and utilities programs. Wake Aviation is staffed with recognized industry leaders in strategic planning and execution of large-scale aerial assisted electric transmission projects; including full service environmental planning, purchasing and acquisition, procurement, and maintenance & construction activities.


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Wake Aviation, LLC is an aviation consulting and operational management company located in Denver, CO & Vancouver BC. We fill an industry wide need by providing consulting, training and operations management for energy companies and primary contracting companies in the field of Utility Aviation Operations. Wake Aviation was established by bringing highly talented and knowledgeable individuals together with unique specialized skills to expand helicopter based utility solutions to a global market.

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We provide other services like Gas Pipeline Inspection & Survey, Unmanned Aerial Inspection & Survey, Personnel/Crew Transportation & Other Services

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Our Business Principles

A key to the major project successes of the Wake Aviation team has been our understanding of project risk, taking measures to mitigate those risk factors, and then managing that risk during project execution in a proactive and effective manner.

Recognized Leader in Safety

As a recognized leader in the helicopter utility world, Wake Aviation and its affiliates have become the number one innovator and designer of a variety of specialized methods and procedures involving helicopter assisted powerline operations.


Experience & Scarcity of Talent

At Wake Aviation we have hand picked individuals that meet a gamut of rigorous criteria with respect to experience, education, leadership, management skills, and reputation in the industry. We don’t put anyone on a project that we haven’t worked with personally or have a trusted relationship with.


Outfitting & Special Equipment

At Wake Aviation we pride ourselves in getting our clients exactly what they want and require out of their new aircraft. Whether that means adding specialty equipment for utility operations like cargo hooks and side-mount gauges or installing a dual set of controls for pilot training, Wake Aviation’s Outfitting team will adequately equip our clients equipment with their individual needs.

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