Experience & Scarcity of Talent​

Wake Aviation and the expertise level of its personnel is the product of years of experience in one of the most specialized markets in the world. With only a handful of companies involved in the industry world wide, there are trade secrets and proprietary information that only a select few individuals possess. At Wake Aviation we have hand picked individuals that meet a gamut of rigorous criteria with respect to experience, education, leadership, management skills, and reputation in the industry. We don’t put anyone on a project that we haven’t worked with personally or have a trusted relationship with.

These highly experienced individuals have decades of experience in the industry and have specialized skills that few possess and even fewer teach. Our personnel are the trainers of the trainers and have literally tens of thousands of hours in the field and in the air. Our COO, Wayne Temple, is the only individual in the United States and the world that is fully trained and experienced in both line and flight operations. Wayne’s experience level is literally one-of-a-kind in the industry and his knowledge base is unparalleled by anyone else in this extremely niche field.

Our team of contractors and professionals has pioneered most of the techniques used world wide in the industry that have been adopted as the standard of practice all over the globe. These individuals come with generations of experience and have perfected the craft of aerial line operations in a world where only a very small percentage of professionals participate in this line of work.