Acquisitions & Purchasing

Wake Aviation manages the complete acquisition process for our clients whether they are purchasing or leasing a new aircraft. We will work with the client evaluate their needs from purchasing or leasing of the appropriate aircraft to the development and management of a flight crew and maintenance department. Wake Aviation assists our clients every step of the way. We help our clients to determine the best ownership structure and will assist our clients after the transaction to support them through the complexities of aircraft ownership and management.

Wake Aviation clients can rest assured knowing that every aspect of their aircraft acquisition has been orchestrated down to the last detail, including: analysis of maximum tax benefits, minimum tax penalty exposure, minimum sales and use taxes, the management of negotiations, the contract execution and pre-purchase inspection, etc.

Many of the services Wake Aviation provides are listed below but we also provide supplementary specialized services that arise from complex circumstances and unique client requirements. In addition, Wake Aviation only partners with recognized aviation lawyers and legal professionals to support the legal and regulatory requirements surrounding aircraft transactions. Whatever our clients’ specific individual requirements, the team at Wake Aviation has the expertise and experience to deliver an exceptional service.

Wake Aviation aircraft acquisition services: